ITEC1010 Assignment 1

Qingyi Deng

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Part A index

This site offers my personal findings regarding information system,based on the case study of article ALTITUDE ONLINE, as the assignment 1 for itec1010

Atitude online

There are three webpages:

As you can see, Part A is the introduction . In part B and Part C, I am going to answer following questions for article ALTITUDE ONLINE. I use this book and Wiki as reference


fundenmetal of information system

Part B questions :

  1. Why is it a problem for Altitude Online to use different information systems in its branch locations?
  2. What information should Jon collect from the branch offices to plan the new centralized information system?
  3. With Jon's education and experience, he could design and implement a newinformation system Altitude Online himself. What would be the benefits and drawbacks of doing the job himself compared to contracting with an information systems contractor?
  4. While Jon is visiting the branch offices, how might he prepare them for the inevitable upheaval caused by the upcoming overhaul to the information system?
Part C questions:

1.What are the advantages of Altitude Online adopting a new ERP system compared to simply connecting existing corporate systems?

2.Why is not an out-of-the-box ERP system enough for Altitude Online? What additional needs does the company have? Is this the case for businesses in other industries also?

3.Why do you think Jon is taking weeks to directly communicate with stakeholders about the new system?

4.Why do you think Jon and the system administrators decided to outsource the software for this system to an ERP company rather than developing it from scratch themselves?

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